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Family history:

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In 1908 a boat sailed into New York harbor with the first Crefelds to reach America. Franz Crefeld, with his wife Gertrude Witting and two sons, Peter and Frank, entered America with hope and promise. They settled in North Arlington, NJ to live their new lives out. Franz was a boiler-maker, and worked with the Witting relatives from Cranford, NJ. Two more sons were born in North Arlington, bringing the total to four sons: Peter (my grandfather) was the oldest, Frank, John and Nicolas.

New: Franz's parents were possibly Peter Crefeld and Sebilla Neidecker.

Press to see picture of Gertrude Crefeld and her four sons coming off the boat:


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On April 3, 1893, Maritje van der Meer and her four sons left Spijkenisse for America. One of her sons, Arie (Orie) was my great-grandfather. Arie Intveld entered the U.S. at the age of 12 1/2. On his second day in the U.S., he began to work at Botany Worsted Mills at 5 cent per hour. In 1900, he married Pauline Troast, a native of Passaic, NJ. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversity in 1950. Arie was born in 1880 in Spykeniss, Holland.

Arie's future wife, Pauline Troast, was born 1881 in Passaic, NJ. Her father, Marinus Troast, was born in April 1848 in Holland, and entered the U.S. during 1860 and 1861. Her mother, Deeltje Bakelaar, was born in Jan 1849 and entered the U.S. in 1865. Her parents were married in 1870.


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